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Before it’s too late

You were born for a purpose. You were born to make a difference. You were born phenomenal.
You aren’t an average. Everything you do is an average not because it’s average but because you made a decision, you made a choice to be an average. Why?
Because people  around you are average or maybe you grew up in an average environment.
So, you you decided to go against who you are. You aren’t living like you should live. You are not being who you should be.
You have never committed yourself to something. You have never seen what you could be if you threw your whole self at your dream.
If you quit however, it will last forever.
 You have to believe that something different can happen. He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right. Most of people say they want to be successful but they don’t want it bad they just liked the idea. They don’t want it bad as much they want to party. They don’t want it as much they wanna sleep.Go deep in yourself and ask yourself who you are gonna be and how you gonna do it. Just decide.
It’s time for you
 to look within yourself and decide that I am in charge of my destiny. And when you decide that you are going to do it, life will never be the same again.
One day it’ll be your day. One day you gonna own a moment of glory, a  moment of success.
Before it’s too late..
Work on yourself and live your dream.

By: Salma ElKaramany

Enactus Mansoura, a part of my life.

Enactus Mansoura, a part of my life.

Abdelaziz Boghdady, the EX chairman of the board of Enactus Mansoura. He was asked: “If you weren’t an enactus member, why would you join enactus?” and his answer was..

My motivation for applying to this organization is because of the unmatched value enactus places upon its people and the excellent self development opportunities enactus provides.
I believed that the only race I have to win is the race against myself, there will always be someone faster and stronger but there will never ever be another me, that’s why I urge anyone who want to be a part of this entity to push their own personal boundaries. Have the strength, the courage, and the confidence to pursue their dreams.
In every situation there is always something to be learned, and if we are able to take away the important lessons, we will eventually achieve what we set out to do.
A further step in my enactus career aspirations was becoming a part of its management. I believed that I have the drive, determination, and energy to succeed. I was willing to commit to the time and dedication needed to complete the mission.
I believed that being a part of enactus MU’s administration requires solid understanding of how to manage and lead, especially in the times of stress and conflicts, along with a deep perception of enactus’s concepts, and work model. And that’s exactly what I have been striving to achieve over four years of working within enactus Mansour University.
Being enactus Mansoura Chairman of the Board was a dream that turned into a tremendous honour and pleasure by its members’ dedication, a dream that turned into a great responsibility and non-stop exerted efforts…

In enactus, I found a real unique combination of high quality trainings and experience in international business..

I love enactus..
I believe in enactus..


Sherif El Baz, the chairman of the board of Enactus Mansoura

Omnia Hesham, the vice president.

Lubna Ashraf, the human resources director.

Mostafa Abdulrahman, last year’s presentation affairs officer and one of the people who built enactus Mansoura University.

Mahmoud Shousha, the ex vice president

Shrouq tareq, a 2011 mini dollars graduate and the current mini dollars project manager.

Rana Hamdy, the marketing officer.

Yomna saraya, ex project manager assistant.

Amr saher, general secretary of enactus mansoura.