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Don’t Just Be an Educational Student!

So one of the things a person should experience in their college time is to be a vital part of a team , an organisation of a student community of a union of any kind enabling them to interact in their society.

Any gathering of any type helps in the process of sharing the person’s capabilities and potentials , and having these potentials exploited in the society’s make up journey .

The idea of a student’s gathering or organisation is that they take the person’s qualifications to a new high level by melting their potentials and their creative new suggestions with the community needs to fill the gap and fulfil the maximum successful achievements .

These communities enhance the person’s confidence by making a benefit of their ideas into projects taking place and making them responsible for these projects.

Witnessing the projects reaching their aims step by step is such a glorious scene for the students to push them to be more active and effective in their society.

You experience the soul of team work , the capability to be more close to touch your society’s problems and getting to know how to be a more reliable person by exerting efforts to find solutions for these problems.

You get to know your points of strength and weakness, you improve, you learn, you train and get trainings, you stabilise your existence, you evolve, you get more mature in facing obstacles because you were once responsible for a team, a project, an issue, you made so many attempts in the process of being a part of a student community or organisation.

So, get the chance to try this, be a part of your society’s evolving process, get stimulated, saturated by the experience you’ll be gaining.

Don’t just be an educational student, be a fulfilled innovating one.

Written By:  May Nasser


Life isn’t about finding yourself!

Life isn’t about finding yourself!

Life is about creating yourself. Whether you dream about being a famous surgeon, a warming mother or even winning the noble prize, your dream WILL be reality if you truly believe in yourself, trust your choices, and take every step without regret because each step creates who you are.

Trust and love yourself, learn from your mistakes, motivate yourself to move forward and never look back. The most inspirational leaders in the world were once normal people just like you, with big hopes and beliefs that one day, they’ll make a change.

You can make a change. The sky isn’t your limit!

Dream big, think positively and work hard. You can do it.

You can stun and amaze everyone who once let you down and made fun of how unrealistic your dreams sound to them, by what you WILL achieve, by proving that you are capable of climbing the highest mountain, fighting the reckless dragon and killing your fears.

If life seems boring to you, if all the days look the same and if you don’t know what you want in life, take a deep breath and think about your blessings. Stop doubting yourself. Stop listening to your negative thoughts.

Get rid of your bad habits. Read more, listen more and talk less. Try to change your own thinking. Challenge yourself by doing something new, something weird, something you’ve always been afraid of.

Take risks because thats how you learn. This will help you seek your goals. It will help you create big dreams. And life wont suck anymore. Start each morning with one small positive thought and it can change your whole day, maybe your whole life.

Written by: Lubna Ashraf


Where is your Motivation?

Find Your Motivation Now!

Well, take a deep breath, throw all the crap from your head, listen to this voice of you pushing you forward to keep up the road .

Keep up the faith that you as a human being, as a part of a huge circle, is a very influencing factor, a very inspiring glimmer of hope and a very promising star to glow.

You, yes you, shine, create, innovate, exist, persist, take the lead, prove your presence.

Life is about destinations, choices, proofs and dreams.

And you have to choose your destination, the way you’re going through, and to keep in mind it’s a step towards another huge step to reach your goals.

Be specific, be simple, be the one you always wanted to be, the one who never lets go his goals, never gives up, never steps back.

Reject your fears, stimulate your motivation, plant the tree of your dreams, grow, evolve, interact, fall, fail then succeed.

It’s all about priorities, about choices, about experiences, about loss and gain, about fall and rise, about catching the dreams, about killing the fear, about the risk, about the promises you make, the challenges you meet, about everything you try, about what you forget and what you regret, it ‘s about YOU in the middle of every step of your life memorizing the drops and the rising ups.

You exist for a reason you only define, you can only prove, you can only achieve.

You’re a beat in a heart that never stops, the scent of God’s beauty on Earth, you breathe, you exist, you produce, you feel, it’s life. Capture it, and cross it forward.


Written by: May Nasser ElEmam