Monthly Archives: January 2014


The Fear of Failure!

The fear that you might never make it doing what you’re passionate about.

The fear that keeps you from following your heart.

Why cant you believe in yourself?

Why cant you trust your own powers and skills?

Why cant you accept the fact that every mistake you make and each fall teaches you something new?

It teaches you how to rise again. It builds your ladder towards success. If one step broke you can fix it. It’ll hurt you and maybe make you fall a few more steps but keep in mind that when you rise again, you’ll be stronger!

You’ll climb more steps! Success is now closer! Never give up on yourself. Don’t be your own enemy. Give yourself a hand to get up and try harder this time.

Push yourself to move forward and don’t you ever fully rely on others, they might help you once or twice but they wont always be there for you. YOU are always there for you. Be your best friend. Think wisely before taking any action but don’t over-think!

There’s no shortcut to success, its a bumpy road with many ups and downs. No one is a saint and everybody makes mistakes so you better not be ashamed of yours! You must know that failure is your best teacher! Its only a momentary change in aim to set you instantly for your following success. It gives you experience, it builds up your confidence, it shows you how to rise stronger than before, it leads you to the light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

By: Lubna Ashraf