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MarCHallenge.. Here we go!

Of course each and every one of you is wondering what on earth is MarCHallenge, well let me tell you, (MarCHallenge) is more like a campaign to inspire people to participate in simple acts of kindness.

Throughout the month, we will take part in various activities that will help change the world. After each day, we’ll ask you to comment on the blog’s post for the day and tweet an image of you participating in this activity using the hashtags #enactusmans and #MarCHallenge .

*What if you miss a day?
No worries! You can make it up another day.
*What if you can’t do all of the days?
It’s all good, Participate in as many days as possible. And even if you can’t take part in all of the days, the simple act of sharing the campaign with your friends will help so much!

Aren’t you EXCITED ALREADY? Come on! Let’s rock this! Kick the dust off your back and do something! ask yourself everyday who will you impact? What will you create? Whose reality will change because of you?

This week’s Calendar:



YOU can do it.

They say when you cook you have to be patient, because the meal you’re cooking doesn’t always taste delicious from the very first try, even when the ingredients are perfect and exactly as they are in the recipe, you have to try to gain experience.

In life we have that too, we try and try and we may sometimes fall and we don’t get it right from the first time , don’t give up and don’t fall apart, get up, be strong, have hope, try again, believe that something good is about to happen, I believe even when I don’t, I do.

Bottom line, this life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, It’s a universal truth! But the good part is, you get to decide how you’re going to repair the broken parts of yours, you get to decide if you want to move on and let go of the past or you want to stay where you are and never let go.

Have you ever wondered how athletic people tend to run a huge distance without even stopping once? Then you try copying them and get tired after running for 5 minutes only? And then you give up and think that you’re a loser? Well that happens in life too. We fall and we stand on our two feet again, we lose friends, we lose family, we lose ourselves sometimes, we make decisions, we reach a dead-end, we have breakdowns because they learn us something, we face things because they are supposed to teach us something.

You look at other people’s lives and you think that they have the perfect life anyone would ever dream of. Then you try copying what they’re doing. You fail. You’re now frustrated. You think that you will never be good enough. You stop standing up after falling. Do you think that those people got their perfect life without working for it? Unlike you they only looked at their visions. Unlike you they fell 9 times and stood the 10th proudly with more hope and courage. Unlike you they never gave up.

YOU can easily do what they did! YOU can easily achieve your biggest dreams! With just some hope in your heart and a belief that you’re going to reach the end line and ace that race, you can do it! No matter how long it will take, no matter how hard it will hurt to fall, you can do it!



By: Lubna Ashraf & Shrouq Tarek

Attention entrepreneurs!

Attention entrepreneurs, who have a dream to get their message to the world but a lack of funds to do so!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I talk to, you’re looking to get your message – and your dream – out to your target market in bigger ways. But a lack of resources is holding you back, keeping your vision small when you know it can be much, much bigger.

Have you ever tried the fundraising process in a small town ?

Have you ever spoke with a sponsor before?

Before you start reading this you should definitely know the following information:
*What does the word “Fundraising” mean ?
Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies and it refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit organizations.
*How many types of sponsors do we have ?
Firstly, Sponsors are individuals or corporations that provide financial or alternate forms of support to others. In the business world, sponsors are companies that pay money in the form of a sponsorship to support a program or event, and in exchange, get public recognition for that support.
Secondly, we have 6 types of sponsors:
1- Financial Sponsors: A financial sponsor pays a set amount of money in exchange for benefits outlined in a sponsorship agreement.

2-In-Kind Sponsors : In-kind sponsors donate goods or services rather than cash as their sponsorship offering.

3- Media Sponsors : A media sponsor is a company that finances or secures media coverage for an organization, program or event.
4- Location Sponsors : A business may offer the use of its facilities as a form of sponsorship.
5-Labor Sponsors : A corporation that donates the time and talent of its employees is considered a labor sponsor.
6- Signature Sponsor : In the event that numerous companies are solicited to sponsor the same program or event, one will usually pay a premium to become the lead or signature sponsor.

Sponsors mostly forget how small towns are important and refuse to give them money, even before they reconsider the cost which is probably not expensive at all. They refuse because they think that investing their money in large towns would be more useful. You do need to be a really big name to get sponsors. You must have a degree in marketing, or major graphic design skills, or an uncle at some company to get sponsors. It’s no wonder small projects’ owners become discouraged early on and feel that landing a business sponsorship is a lost cause.

As I personally tried to fund-raise and met many sponsors, here’s a tip, I don’t want your project to sound like a good sponsorship idea , I want you to be sure of it. The answers to these questions will make sure you’re ready, willing and able to get a company to pay you for your project.