Monthly Archives: December 2014

See Opportunity

When Newton looked at that apple and saw gravity, when Benjamin Franklin looked at that lightning storm and saw electricity, or when some harnessed the sun’s energy to produce clean drinking water. That’s how we See Opportunity!

  At the heart of entrepreneurship is the ability to see opportunity where it might not be immediately obvious. It lays in simple things that some might consider ordinary, it might be an ignored idea which some thought was crazy, it might be a person who people gave up upon. Opportunity is all around us. It lives inside those tiny screws that build up huge flying rockets. It’s a single oxygen molecule in some kind of medicine that saves lives, its your perspective about things that determines what you learn from them.

  Every day, in communities around the world, Enactus students are transforming opportunities into real, sustainable progress through the power of entrepreneurial action. In enactus Mansoura University, we saw opportunity in young children and created future leaders, we saw opportunity in oppressed, socially rejected girls then we took action and re-involved them in the society again, we saw opportunity in straw and transformed it into mushroom.

  We see opportunity in everything and most importantly everyone around us, we even see opportunity in YOUOpportunity is out there you just need to look for it. And once you’ve discovered opportunity, will you use it to make the world a better place?


 By: Lubna Ashraf