Monthly Archives: October 2015

Stand Out

The people who refused to speak the ordinary language are the ones who became this language which replaces every syllable with a dream to be accomplished, never-mind-ing all the cannots.

The people who wave their hands in victory at the end of the race are the ones who peeled their hearts down to the core; looking for what makes them extraordinary.

The people who did not wait for the light that exists at the end of the dim tunnel are the ones who believed that a light that is not born from one’s self is just another darkness.

The people who are different enough not to be called insane but also courageous enough not to fear being called so are the ones who actually make it.

The people, who believe that they are different and that they are here for a reason, are the ones whose fingerprints can never be scratched out.

We were created different yet harmonious, diverse but each is useful in their field, numerous but never without a special purpose.

Now ask yourself a question,

If we all had the same fingerprint, would you still stand out?

By: Shrouq Tarek