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Enactus mansoura then and now

Mansoura, Year 2009.
Poverty, pollution, people striving to afford their meals, graduates with no idea how to start their careers and college students who have got nothing but hope.

That’s when three college students decided to take action, to make a difference and be the change. They had passion for business and the desire to make this community a better place for us all.
Three students meeting everyday on a bench in the university campus with limited resources but with great ambition, considering all the options they have and taking into account their business knowledge; they decided that the best way to solve this community’s problems is through an entrepreneurial based approach. Going by the old proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ,they went from the idea of giving people money to teaching them how to make it on their own. They even went a step further; they aimed to revolutionize the whole fishing industry! They wanted to create a model where not only fishermen will benefit from the fishing industry; but all the members of this community. And that’s how it all started.

Known as SIFE at the time, Enactus Mansoura University was launched on November, 2009. It was launched with one goal, to help people in need in order to make this a better community for us all. With projects bound by our treble bottom line; we help the community through economical, social and environmental perspectives. With this as our guideline, we search for opportunities; we take action and we make this world a better place. Now, years have passed and those three students have graduated. Projects have ended and others began; but we still work with the same passion, in the same manner, for the same reason. We are being the change we try to see in this world. And no matter how hard it gets, we will always find a way.

That’s who we were then, that’s who we are now and that’s who we will always be. A group of college students with an ambition for more than just passing our exams. Because where others see challenge, we see opportunity. while others fear failure, we fear never having tried. when others dwell on what is not, we dwell on what can be, what should be; what must be. And then we take action.