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Social, environmental and economical, these are the three axes that all of our projects are based on; and Demiana’s project is no different. As tourism is Egypt’s best way to make money, it was a no brainer to start this project. Economically, it brings in a substantial amount of money; socially, it connects people and spreads our culture through the world and it does not hurt the environment during the process. However, who is Demiana?

17 centuries ago, a Roman empress built a monastery over the tombs of a 40-murdered nun. They were killed for standing for what they believe in. Buried in a holly place where the holly family passed during their journey in Egypt. Demiana was one of those nuns who sacrificed their lives in order to protect their religion.

Located in Bilqas, this monastery is one of the oldest and most spiritual monastery in the whole world. With rare Versions of the bible and authentic belongings of the earlier Christians in Egypt, a place stands to tell history. Every year in May, there is an enormous fair that attracts people from all around Egypt to visit the monastery, buy souvenirs and refresh their souls from all the hardships of life.

Seeing this masterpiece of art being neglected and almost forgotten, we had to take an action. We started this project in order to protect our identity, share our history and putting this place on the map as one of best places in the world. Demiana’s monastery offers us a sanctuary of beauty in an ugly world, and we should never let go of that.