Why Enactus?

540107_363334573775361_58025474_nWhy Enactus? – Enactus Mansoura University Blog

You cannot put the word “Enactus” on your google translator to find out what it really means.”Enactus” did not come out of nowhere.


•entrepreneurial—having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;

•action—the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;

•us—a group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.

Still didn’t answer the question. Why Enactus?
Joining Enactus will drive you to a win-win situation where the “loss” expression will not be heard.
As in a two-person scenario, where both people could cooperate and thus benefit, this could be mathematically expressed and +1 plus +1 = 2. Instead of a situation creating a winner and a loser, both people win a roughly equivalent amount.

Joining enactus will enhance your business skills and give you a forward push into the business world. So you got to know more about business skills that you’ll gain.

1)Communication skills: Constructing an argument and making your case forcefully to your boss and client will move your ideas to fruition.

2)Time management organization: Staying organized and prioritizing tasks will go along way to moving you and your team forward.

3)Goal setting: No business operation will go anywhere without a vision that forces and solidifies all activities teams are under taking.

4)Delegating: Surrounding yourself with talented people who can augment your skills and get things done every time without fail.

5)Presentation skills: Communicating using the internet can be easy and saves your time but face to face encounters will give better results. Your way of speech and facial expressions play an effective role reaching your point.

6)Relationship building: Nothing helps lay the ground work for advancement more than cultivating good relationships.

7)Passion and determination: Motivation has to come from within the drive to excellence is entirely an internal affairs.

8)Entrepreneurial and innovation skills: Taking a sense of imagination to conceive new ways to create value. New ideas aren’t generated by machines but they come from minds of people using machines.

9)Flexibilty and adapabilty: Be open to new ideas, environments and responsibilities. Technology will constantly be changing so professionals need to change as well.

10)Ability to work under pressure: This is about keeping calm and not
becoming too overwhelmed or stressed.

By joining enactus you’ll be able to cooperate and live the team work spirit. Teamwork involves different people and different groups across your business working together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal. In addition to providing team members with experience, benefits of teamwork include increased efficiency, financial savings, innovation and morale.

By: Salma ElKaramany

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