Why Enactus? part 2

540107_363334573775361_58025474_nWhy Enactus? part 2

Have you ever thought that you keep wasting your time spending hours and hours on the social media? Why don’t you devote your free time in something useful?

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Time is arguably our most valuable commodity. Now you have a chance to gain experience but you can’t create experience. You must undergo it. As the only source of knowledge is experience.

Joining enactus will allow you to go through business experience and Broadening understanding. You’ll not wake up again feeling like you are passing another day like the one before. You’ll have something to do. You can make a change.

Another thing you have to take in consideration, Society needs you. Your society needs your help!

When you join enactus, You’ll no more feel useless about yourself. You will give a hand to your society and a hand to yourself to be an effevtice person who has a role in his life.

You’ll be able to deal with people from different classes, know what they need and how you can help. Your work won’t go in vain as a plant that grow within seasons but eventually it will give you fruit. Just be patient!


Now, If you are waiting for a sign THIS IS IT. This is your moment to make a change. This is your moment to take an action. Action is the fundamental key to all success. Get ready to join Enactus, the largest entity on campus.

By: Salma ElKaramany

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