REHABPeople choose to wipe off the windows of jewelry shops and to get dazzled by the glittering diamonds. They choose to stand still in front of these glossed up windows for hours or even days. They simply choose to watch the enchanting rubies and contemplate the beauty of rare emeralds, and then they eventually carry on with their daily lives.

But we chose to witness the creation of these diamonds under pressure and to get even blinded with the radiating, yet unraveled mines. We chose to wipe off all the mud and to mold all of these gemstones into unique pieces of jewelry. We believe that humans are not that different from gemstones; some of them were lucky to be displayed at the showrooms of fancy shops, while others remained undiscovered deep down the center of Earth.

That’s why we chose to take a leap of faith and reach out to young girls whose lives, according to others, were a series of misfortunes; that’s why they were always treated like outsiders. Bearing in mind that,
“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” – Maya Angelou

We believe that they deserve to have a better future and a brand new chapter in life. We empower them and prove to the whole world that they can be self dependent. We, Enactus Mansoura, have set a clear path with a clear vision to pick up these gemstones and show their worth.

We established “Rehab” : a systematic project that teaches these boys and girls many different crafts and even uses their skills to make valuable products as the prothesis of InShape project. We believe that they can be entrepreneurs and that they can lead a successful life.

We help them to achieve stability in their lives, not only by words, but also through teaching the girls simple crafts that suit their age and abilities. They participate in making the products of InShape project. This is where women help other women. We empower them to lead their lives independently by teaching them how to take responsibility and make their own living.

These kids need to know that they don’t pay for their mistakes twice and that they shouldn’t live in the past anymore.

We simply chose to put these gems just in the right place.

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