MarCHallenge.. Here we go!

Of course each and every one of you is wondering what on earth is MarCHallenge, well let me tell you, (MarCHallenge) is more like a campaign to inspire people to participate in simple acts of kindness.

Throughout the month, we will take part in various activities that will help change the world. After each day, we’ll ask you to comment on the blog’s post for the day and tweet an image of you participating in this activity using the hashtags #enactusmans and #MarCHallenge .

*What if you miss a day?
No worries! You can make it up another day.
*What if you can’t do all of the days?
It’s all good, Participate in as many days as possible. And even if you can’t take part in all of the days, the simple act of sharing the campaign with your friends will help so much!

Aren’t you EXCITED ALREADY? Come on! Let’s rock this! Kick the dust off your back and do something! ask yourself everyday who will you impact? What will you create? Whose reality will change because of you?

This week’s Calendar:



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