A Turning Point.

I was that kind of person who spent so many years trying to fit in the community I’m living in but actually never could until that day. I heard them talking about something called (SIFE) in my school and I went to the sessions to see what on earth is (SIFE) supposed to mean. I found a really small group of people who truly believed they could do something to change this world, who had passion in their eyes, who took the very first step to establish this huge place.

They handed me the key to a door that has been locked for so long. Ahmed El-Baz’s voice saying Martin Luther king’s line in the presentation session (I HAVE A DREAM!) won’t be forgettable any time soon.

I suddenly found a way out. As I’m a super energetic person I was really excited and I worked hard to find a project. I happened to have an amazing mentor and a hard-working team. Standing there in the final competition while saying the script I memorized on stage I was shaking, I was really scared to fail my team, to screw things up but this fear turned into happiness when they announced us the winning team!

Although I did things I never thought I would do, not in a million years, I talked to new people and stood in front of a crowd explaining our projects’ idea, I was proud of what I’ve accomplished then and still I am.
Mini$ is not just a normal project, It’s literally a life- changing experience.
Mini$ lightens paths.
Mini$ changed the way I used to live.


When I went to college I applied to be part of this magnificent entity and luckily I got accepted. I knew since that day I have to pay this place back. I have to give it more than it first gave me when I was a mini dollars student.

Today, I’m a member of the presentation team of Enactus Mansoura University (SIFE prev.), and I’m writing here as a Marketing team Manger, only in one year :)
I told you! Mini$ enables people to find that thing hidden within them, the thing that makes them special.

You, yes you reading this, We are each gifted in a unique and important way and It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light. Be the change you want to see in this freaking world. YOU CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE – if you want to!

Remember that it’s once in a lifetime you get to choose, so will you be ordinary ? Or will you shine and be extraordinary instead ?

By: Shrouq Tarek

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